how we do what we do

As A Full Service Interior Design Firm, We Employ Project Analysis And Our Clients’ Objectives To Develop Conceptual Plans.



We strive to strategically help organizations deliver environments that empower people and enhance creativity. Whether your organization is renovating, replacing and rearranging to accommodate or a new construction all together, we will work to thoughtfully incorporate your brand into a highly functional space.

Here’s how we go about it:

We begin the design process by collecting as much information as possible through a one-on-one on-site meeting. We will interview everyone involved in the decision making process of the project as well as other consultants who may be involved. We will then asses the space, take measurements, photographs and discuss what does and doesn’t work. This will help establish the scope of work and set a realistic budget and timeline.

Concept design: at least two concepts (complete with layout, color scheme, materials and finishes) will be presented with drawings and renderings. Once a concept and all of its elements have been agreed upon, we will update and present the final plans for approval before sourcing begins..

Note that the concept design stage only begins after a formal agreement has been adhered to by both parties.



We love collaborating with our clients to help them realize their visions for their homes, whether it is an update to one room, whole house makeover or a new built project. with our full service design, we work through an established design process from initial stages of concept development, through sourcing, installation and styling. We manage all of the little details so you don’t have to.



initial consultation

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating you current home, wanting to redecorate or probably just need some design advice, the initial meeting is the first step in any project and sometimes all you may need.

Here’s what you get:

  • Meeting will last a maximum of an hour and half

  • We discuss and go through several design samples depending on your needs

  • Tour your space and take measurements

  • Designer will answer all your design questions and offer tips and advice on anything from window treatments, paint and decor color schemes, furnishing, space and floor planning, lighting ideas and fixtures.

NOTE: From the initial meeting and consultation, you may choose to have us come up with a design plan based on your preferred package or end the process. Minimum fees for a one on one consultation starts from Ghc850.00.