Get these right: Common workplace color problems decoded


Its been an awesome journey having to share with you some of the best ideas on office decor. Just as I made it know at the beginning of the year, i have some very big goals this year with regards to corporate/workspace designs; I will keep them flowing as we go.

Lets explore this together. 

So, what is it about color and workspace design? Have you ever gotten stuck or found yourself in an enigma over the choice of colors for your workspace? Just so you know, you’re not alone. 

First lemme clarify this common viewpoint: color schemes/palettes, (the 3, 4 and sometimes 5 sets of colors we recommend for a space) no matter the space, aren’t only meant for the walls or just paint colors. I’m not asking you to buy or paint your walls with all the 3 different colors. No!! Color can be expressed in so many ways when decorating your office (and of course every other space). These stem from your walls (paint color), the color of your curtains (and other fabrics), carpets, accessories, furniture, etc. so typically, the scheme is a combination of all these.

When it comes to picking up a color scheme for an office, think about the type of mood you want to create, think about what type of work that goes on there and what kind of personalities will be working there (which is going to be you and your team if you have). Research has already shown that each color affects a different part of us (and this isn’t a feng shui thing or anything like that, this is pure science). 

Note also that how much lighting (either natural or artificial) your office gets also has an impact on which colors would be suitable for it. Therefore, only choose bright colors when your office receives little light as bright colors in a significantly or already bright office will appear too vibrant. However, you can still do it if you so prefer. Just decide whether you want to affect your mind, emotions, body, or a balance. 

Again, way too many people treat their offices as extremely professional spaces and hence go ahead to choose color schemes that end up giving boring looks. I seem to take this particular point so personal, lool. Break this barrier and mindset that an office needs to look all neutral and cool. You can create a great office look that is bright, vibrant, professional, and still gets work done. In fact, an office can look professional even with vibrant colors. It is actually what most employees need  to get energized, creative and productive. You need to have it at the back of your mind that, neutral colors (the browns, white, black, beige, gray, etc) have never and would never be boring. just apply them in their right proportions with their right complements and you’re there. 


So, in order to get it right, first determine what type of employees will be working in your office; for e.g. lawyers, accountants, writers, designers, engineers, etc. since the colors which will better suit your office will depend on the kind of employees and staff that are employed. Choose Office Painting Color Schemes that you think will enhance your productivity and take your personal preferences into account when choosing a color. The color blue seems to have the highest vote as the most productive color according to color experts and designers. However, If you’re a designer, and you want creativity, blue isn’t going to be the color for you. Yellow is a better color, because it stimulates your ego and spirits, and makes you more optimistic. Again, as  a creative professional like designer or writer, etc, bright color shades such as orange, red, or yellow are ideal for you. 

But If you are or work with busy professionals like lawyers, accountants, etc, cool colors such as blue, purple, black, gray, green are are most appropriate. You might want to choose red for physical strength and some stimulation since red would make you more productive than even blue or yellow, because it stimulates you both physically and mentally. Hence, If you want to be more productive doing something physical, blue isn’t a good idea. More warm and vibrant colors will do.


Finally, go for warm and bright colors if your intention is to make the office appear bigger and cool colors if you envision the opposite but always try to picture the final look with your furniture, accessories, fabrics, etc. before settling on a particular color scheme.

Now, what are your plans? Want to set up a private office? a home office? whatever. I would love to hear; lets start working on it. Click here lets have a more personalized chat on your upcoming project or follow the link below to complete a design request form. 

I’m always here because of you.