Do You Often Feel Bored At Work? Here’s What To Do

Your workspace is almost like you second home since you spend majority of your time there. These awesome ideas will help you inject some life and cheer into your workspace. One of my favorite ways is to add some plants or flowers; they don’t have to be all natural, though. 

These ideas will end up making your workspace look more gorgeous and luxurious. Let,s take a look.


An office space shouldn’t always look too serious, which may actually be one of the top contributing factors to your being bored during work hours, of course it shouldn’t look too playful or unserious. 

Your workplace should rather feel relaxing and even fun. Some corporate bodies even go to the extent of providing lounging areas for relaxation, collaboration or even dinning. You can as well in your own small way incorporate some decor items like images that make you smile or spark some cheer, art pieces, a personalized mousepad, organize desktop with some decorative trays, cups and other containers to help reduce the visual chaos on your desk.  Your walls should always look pretty if you’re going to be staring at them all day. This could be done by creating a focal point with your framed pictures. Style your bookshelf into a work of art by displaying beautiful treasures together with the books and files. You can as well make use of the power of music, not loud though. 

Now bring the outdoor in!! Plants and flowers help liven up every space, take that from me. A rug and curtains (not blinds) can warm up the office and take it from too serious to cool and relaxing. 

You love to sip some coffee whiles working? Get a cute mug with pictures or some of your favorite messages on them. Swap your boring office supplies (staplers, pens, notepads, etc) with fun ones. 


Generally, clutter makes one feel anxious and less productive in every space, so make sure you’re picky with your items and strategically clear everything in your office, especially your desk which has immediate effect on you. Put everything (files, books, papers, etc) out of site if they’re not immediately needed. A glamorous instead of a packed desk should be the goal. Once again, organize it with trays, cups, and containers. Go for colorful storage boxes, cabinets or bookshelves and nice pencil cups to help organize stationery and other office supplies. 



There’s no doubt color can affect mood as well as  emotions which in turn affect productivity, so when thinking of the perfect colors to choose for your office, think about the mood you want to evoke, the type of work you do, the personalities working there, etc but also note that color can be applied in several ways other than just wall paint. Of course you can get in touch if you need help on that.

Although too much of the known cool and neutral colors, blue, purple, brown and the likes can easily make you lose the spark, balance is key here. Try inculcating a few vibrant colors into your space. Below are a few colors and what they psychologically connote: 

  • white: purity, cleanliness, contemporary. Best used in wide open spaces but be sure to keep it to a minimum. 

  • black: authority, control, elegance, sophistication. Also best mixed with a varied scheme

  • purple: royalty, wealth/luxury, ambition

  • blue: soothing/calmness, creativity, stability, trust, 

  • orange: fun, playful, energetic, happy, modern

  • yellow: cheerful, positive, friendly

So there you have it!! the power of color and what it can do.




Did you ever know that a flexible floor plan or layout can enhance easy access and movement during the day, which will end up increasing energy? More energy makes people more engaged. Imagine an office layout that makes it difficult to move about, share, collaborate or engage other colleagues. How does it feel? I’ve seen several office spaces with boring layouts that look too serious and lonely. Remember, at the end of the day, productivity and creativity is what is essential, not how many hours you spent in isolation staring at walls and computers.



Experts usually recommend natural sunlight and lots of it. Great lighting, both natural and artificial, keep both mood and productivity up. Never underestimate the power of natural sunlight or LEDs which are also better for business as it reduces energy costs close to 50% talking from experience. You might have to try this.