2 Super Easy Ways To Style Your Contemporary Coffee Table

Forget about just buying some luxurious sofa, beautiful curtains and some nice fluffy rug. Your coffee table decor could arguably be the most versatile and engaging. It is the centerpiece of your living room and requires that amount of attention. Here’s what to do – and what not to do – when considering your coffee table decor. Enjoy!!

Consider these principles when selecting your elements:

  1. There should be an object of height. It doesn’t have to be too tall since it can be a distraction or a hazard if you have kids but should be tall enough to catch the eye. This can be any of the items listed below.

  2. Nature should not be left out, a flower vase is very common.

  3. Something personal. A trophy if you have or anything you wouldn’t mind displaying.

  4. Remember the rule of decorating in odd numbers, it is esthetically appealing to the eye

  5. Decor should be both functional and decorative. Avoid filling the table with only decor items. The books, for instance could ones you’re currently reading.

  6. Also, for a bigger table, you can choose to go for 2 trays of different sizes and shapes. But safer to stick to same shape as your table to avoid confusing yourself.  

  7. Remember you can as well do this without the tray. Works well if you don’t have small elements that need to be organized. The tray is an instant organizer.

  8. Objects should be of varying heights and shapes. Play around with the heights.

  9. Add an odd item. Anything with an irregular shape and make.


  1. Decorative tray ( round or rectangular) about 1/3 the size of your table

  2. Nature (flower vase is more common). This could probably end up being the tallest on your list. There isn’t any specific prescription though; it could as well be any other item.

  3. A scented candle 

  4. A beautiful sculpture, art piece or cute trophy could be both or either your personal or irregular item

  5. A decorative bowl. You could either fill it with some artificial fruits or better still, some everyday valuables like your remote, eye glasses, keys, etc

  6. 3-5 stack of books with attractive covers.


  1. Place your rectangular tray on one side of the table.

  2. Add 3 of the elements, preferably the flower vase, scented candle and perhaps your sculpture or art piece in no particular order.  Well, note that this could be enough if your table is quite small. 

  3. Arrange the stack of books (3-5 will do depending on their sizes so they don’t look bulky) on the other side of the table. Do this while ensuring there is enough space for extra valuables. The table must look decorated as well as functional, keep this in mind.

  4. Now punctuate the stack of books with your trophy. (the books should not look empty)



  1. Place your round tray in the middle of the coffee table.

  2. Put in the flower vase

  3. Place the scented candle beside the flower 

  4. Add your 3rd piece, which can probably be the trophy, the decorative bowl or sculpture/art piece, to the tray. 


**Note that you can add more items if your table can accommodate them  by either adding an extra tray or on the other side of the table. But always remember odd numbers look more aesthetically appealing to the eye.