Learn 5 Stylish ways to Create a focal point with picture frames 


A focal point point is the center of attention and around which everything else revolves in any space. It is the first thing or one of the first things that catches everyone’s eye when they walk into your room. This could vary from an accent wall, wall gallery, a beautiful piece of furniture, a large window with a nice view, a mirror, a centerpiece with a striking color or make, flower or plant, curtain or any design element with a bold and striking color, fabric, shape, size, pattern, just name them. 

Note this: it is actually possible to have more than one focal point in a room; however, the just try it if your room is not large enough to accommodate two or more focal points . But in case you want to try it, you make one the primary focus and the other secondary. The two don’t have to compete for same amount of attention since that can be too chaotic and stressful to the eye. There should be balance. 

Now let’s focus on walls and how to elevate them with wall art, picture frames or canvases. If you don’t have a focal point at all, this could be a great option to consider …create a focal point with pictures frames. 

  1. Apply the principle of odd numbers; they create harmony. The idea/goal here is just to make sure everything isn’t too matchy and boring. Elements that are grouped in odds are much appealing and effective than even numbers.

  2. Vary sizes, shapes and color. 

  3. Don’t place them so high above your furniture, eg sofa. Keep it at eye level, which is usually about 60” from the floor or 6-9” from top of the sofa or even a console table. 

  4. Don’t over-space the picture frames, canvases or whatever you’re using. They look good closer together. 

  5. Remember, wide walls go with large frames and vise versa. if your walls are wide, try placing just one huge/wide frame or even 2 on it and see the magic. Likewise, if your walls are the opposite, a few frames of smaller but varying sizes are best. 

  6. Now note that these frames don’t always have to be your face. they could be pictures of places you love, quotes, etc 

  7. they don’t have to be lined up in one boring pattern. There’s no particular formula to stick to; A good reason why you would need to vary the sizes. 

Every room needs a focal point; it’s that simple!!