5 Home Ideas That Show Neutrals Are Not Boring

I bet you’ve always held the thought that neutral colors are boring and limiting, well, I’m here to prove you wrong.


Neutral colors are not boring neither are they simple in any respect. They might look simple but are sophisticated to style with. 


Neutral is not always gray, they can be warm or cool. These are colors that have been toned, tinted or muddied to a point where they seem to have no color. In fact all six color families (blue, green, purple, red, yellow, orange) all have neutrals which still maintain their color family attributes with a little diminished impact. 


They are simply classic!!


These color tones are versatile and work well in contemporary interiors. Frankly speaking, neutral colors allow the beautiful architectural elements in contemporary designs to become the focus as compared to bold colors that take away the attention from architecture, art pieces, furniture, etc.


Neutrals are very often susceptible to light influence, in that different sources of light will affect how they emerge during different times of the day.