Here’s My Pick For The Year Too - Maroon (#800000)


2019 brings with it so much ambition, self love, individuality coupled with some amount of sophistication which seems to have a lot in common with this color. So if you’re drawn to this shade beautiful shade of red, chances are you are much drawn to sophistication and luxury and a bit reserved. Social status is probably of huge interest, you value your individuality and being unique. It is also often used to represent intense and passionate things like power, ambition, love, confidence, beauty and excitement.  Maroon is a warm color and a part of the red family and very often confused with burgundy which is more of a purple variant. It is a dark red color and created from the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue in a certain ratio. 

Don’t worry, in case you’re wondering why the name “maroon”. Maroon is derived from the French word Marron which is a large European chestnut mostly used for cooking. 


Maroon when applied in spaces, increases energy, encourages some amount of seriousness and reserved character traits as well as encourages feelings of warmth and comfort. That said, you could consider applying it in schools or learning areas and in most creative or corporate spaces since it has the ability to evoke creativity and expertise, kitchens and restaurants (yes, it can trigger appetite) and in boutiques as well. It could as well be used in the home to portray sophistication and luxury. You can try it in the bedroom to express romance and love, it works. Because of its ability to boost adrenaline levels, it evokes some amount of cheerfulness and excitement in both children and adults, hence a good choice for kids play areas and entertainment centers. 

This color goes very well with gray and many of the neutral colors (taupe, sand, mint, pink beige etc), white, the blue family (sea blue, emerald, turquoise, sky blue), black, terra-cotta, olive green or even brown. Purple, gray and maroon is a very good combo to try at home, of course you might need a great amount of natural or artificial light to get a perfect outcome.