4 Epic Ways To Rock Your Voiles


Voiles or better still sheer curtains are know to add a soft romantic charm to any room whiles ordinary curtains serve the purpose of blocking natural light or providing a good amount of privacy to any window. However, your sheer curtain could just provide a minimal amount of privacy without having to restrict sunlight. 

They often come either solid or patterned styles offering you lots of options to choose from. Whichever way you might prefer your voile, be sure to pick the style that best harmonizes with the look of your room and the decor materials you would be using or already have in place.

One sure way to rock any type of voile is to apply it as a room divider. It tends out elegant and appealing. It is an easy solution when open spaces need to be divided for whatever reason. A typical example is when you want to outline the dinning area from the living room.

You can as well use your voiles with some amount of color to soften the appearance of the bathroom. Everyone would agree with me bathrooms are more of hard surfaces, fixtures and more neutrals and installing these curtains at openings and entrances or even windows are a good way to achieve this. 


Simply voile! Contemporary homes and apartments are often walled (and definitely one has to worry less about privacy) and come with spaced living rooms. You can decide to take the bold step and do just voiles. This helps achieve a contemporary and sophisticated look as it provides an almost carefree or risk taker look as well as incorporating the outdoor into the room. It is a great choice when looking to create bright spaces

Voiles could be layered with other window dressings, a perfect example being Roman blinds. To enjoy both bright spaces or sunlight and privacy, you can pair Roman blinds that come with complete blackout lining with your voiles. You only have to roll the blind during day time or whenever preferred to allow lots of light and close during the night for your privacy. Blinds could be replaced with a layer of thick curtains, perhaps velvet, cotton, woven, silk, etc. This helps to block the world out as and when needed. The curtain or blind, whichever you go for, dampens sound and block natural light. This is aesthetically appealing to the eye; prove me wrong.