Mustard Yellow: Are You Tempted?


Yellow and for that matter mustard yellow is considered a warm color within the color spectrum. This deep earthy yellow version (mustard) works in almost all kinds of interiors perhaps because it is softer on the eye than vivd yellow. Sharp, piquant and tangy, it adds a shot of heat to any space, from feature walls in living rooms to kitchen backsplash and bedrooms.

When pairing with other colors, keep the shades of both colors the same. For instance, a darker blue will perfectly go with a darker yellow. In other words, use the same level of lightness or darkness of the colors to be paired with.

Colors that could match perfectly with mustard include:

• Black - black pairs well with almost any color

• Violet -

• Brown

• Berry tones - fuchsia and magenta are berry color choices to consider

• Blue - a darker shade like admiral, azure or cobalt will be great.

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