Luxury Housing Trends: Apartments and Condos


Have you ever pondered over the recent spring of luxurious apartments and condos all over the place, most especially the capital city? Do people patronize these? what are these buildings for? are they expensive? who owns them? are some of the questions you might have asked at one point in time. Trust me, i struggled to come by the differences between these two, an apartment and a condo, but like most people used to and still think, condos are are usually nicer and costly. Condos most often have the nicest and contemporary architecture, interiors, furniture, facilities and so much more which are mostly true. Truth be told told, I am huge fan of luxury interiors and architecture.

Here's a quick look at the two in brief: An apartment is mostly a room or set of rooms that are leased for dwelling in a shared environment.

A condominium or condo for short on the other hand is an apartment building in which each room or apartment is owned by individuals and also contains shared areas.

NOTE the keywords: owned and leased; which suggests the major difference comes down to ownership. In other words, condos become a permanent property unless you decide to rent out your unit.

Now what is your desired lifestyle? Perhaps luxury and comfort has always been your priority, you might have considered getting for yourself a well designed apartment. Well, if you haven't yet, you could consider taking a look at condos.