Five Smart Ways To Changeover From The Christmas Decor

We all love the Christmas period and the fuzzy friendly feeling it comes with. The red and green colors coupled with all the other colorful ornaments give us a relaxing feel and helps us settle in properly to spend some time with family and friends close to our hearts. But after the gaiety and fuzziness of Christmas, what do you then do with all the decorations? From the balls to the trees to the ornaments and lights?

We may just have some few ideas for you try out. These are very simple ideas, but it'll need you to be comfortable with some DIY decorations in your space. Now, let's dig in.

Think centerpieces

Most of the Christmas ornaments and decorations can easily be turned into centerpiece materials. Get a glass or metal bowl big enough. Get your balls, ornaments or dip your burnt out bulbs into glitter. Place them all into the big bowl and place on your table for a creative centerpiece effect.

Consider chandeliers

We all love to see those beautiful lights hanging from above us. It makes us feel like the beautiful eyes of God are upon us. Spruce up

your chandeliers with items from your Christmas decorations box. Get strings to put together your Christmas balls and hang from the ceiling in your dining room, office or even banking area. You can also just attach the balls and ornaments to existing chandelier. No need to throw out those decorations and create waste. Repurpose them for your interior decor.

Decorative wreaths


Separate the green from the red of your Christmas decorations. Use the neutral colored ornaments of your decorations, like the silver and metallic ornaments. Hang them on your original Christmas wreath and get an evergreen wreath that befits any season. Hang it in front of your door or in a space beside your window.

Placemats and table decor

Did you wrap so many gifts? Or better yet unwrap so many gifts? Well, you can reuse all the wrapping paper. Straighten out some to be used as placemats for your dining table. Or just mangle some of the scrap into shapes like balls, birds etc. And place these as decorative items on your table at home or your desk in the office.

Let there be lights!

Lights are good for defining moods. Don't throw out your Christmas lights, you can use it to spark some romantic moods for you and your partner. Or make cup stringed lights to place in your child's bedroom. You can even wrap the lights around a metal ring to create a lighted wreath for your door or window.

We know you had a great Christmas and you're looking forward to a greater new year. You can do all this without necessarily throwing out your Christmas decor. Do share other ideas that work for you, we would be so glad to hear!

Selorm Dreamaker