Coral Reef


This current season is accompanied with cool temperatures and chilly airs which inspires a serene atmosphere. The warm coral color, more specifically coral reef, perfectly captures this mood.

Whether you're seeking a cozy atmosphere or just a feminine touch, coral reef adds the exact mood to complement the cool temperature. Coral adds instant glamour to spaces, it is cheerful and a naturally uplifting color. You could consider some coral accent walls, a club chair or armchair, throw pillows, artworks and some few other accent pieces. Neutral spaces could as well be enhanced with coral accessories which serve as an adorable accent hue in the room.

Coral reef is a vibrant color and hence, works well in small portions as it is also easy to give your spaces a boost with this color. It is often seen paired with a brighter blue, turquoise, gray or white; think of some coral reef throw pillows in a basic blue and white living room for a fresh look. As it is usually known to brighten up darker hues, navy blue and charcoal gray really come to life when paired with coral. In effect, this color actually warms up modern spaces.

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