Watch Out For These When Buying Your Next Furniture

How much did you spend on sofa alone the last time you went out sourcing for furniture? Did you get what you paid for? Was it worth your investment? Were there any regrets afterwards?

Look, let’s face it, buying furniture isn’t simply about walking out there and picking whatever you like. If you have an apartment or even your house, that might probably be your big-ticket possession after your house and car. It is such an investment that understanding its parameters is vital, whether you’re buying a sofa, bed, desk, dinning table with chairs, entertainment center, a cabinet or even a coffee table.

So before your next furniture adventure, take note of these basic furniture rules that might come in handy. Take a look:


Now, it isn’t enough to just figure out the size of the furniture needed; you need to find out the amount of space left or how much space you’re willing to allocate to the furniture and perhaps how you’re going to get it to that particular spot at home or wherever, taking into consideration all entryways in the building.


It is also critical to note down the purpose for which this new addition will be serving. Are you buying a kitchen furniture, living room furniture, bedroom or probably for corporate needs which could include a study desk, chair, storage cabinet, bookshelf, just name them. Having these at the tip of your fingers is indispensable and requires serious consideration. And even if you want a sofa, ask yourself: would it be for relaxation, entertainment, outdoor or purely decor?


Ok so just like sourcing for paint, it can be difficult to be in a store and visualize how a particular furniture will work in a space, a good reason why you need a 3d visualization of your intended design. Go shopping with a specific look in mind, that way it will be easy to determine what works and what doesn’t and avoid being persuaded to buy something outside your taste or specifics. Your furniture should fit your style not only now but in the future. Why am I saying this? Most people don’t consider the fact that the furniture they might have chosen isn’t for the people using it: children, pets, oldies, etc. Will your sofa still be in trend some years to come? Do you like to nap on your couch, will there be more people using it? Would you still be in the same place?

Why should you worry about all these? Well, here is the issue: furniture, unlike accessories are not mobile, they’re costly and aren’t easily replaced hence careful thought should be put into it before finally making that huge commitment. I quite remember this client moving into his new apartment was so much enthused about getting this velvet sofa with silk on some parts, yes they were very appealing, forgetting that he’ll be married in less than a year and is likely to have babies. Now, he has twin boys with his wife. Fortunately, he saved himself some torture and of course much money and went in for some beautiful leather sofa which can later be replaced, if he so wish, after the boys become of age.


I always wonder, why do people spend months and even years looking for a house to buy and weeks searching for the right car to buy but spend very little time deciding on furniture? Don’t spend minutes deciding and buying furniture. No matter the type of furniture you’re shopping for, it should not be bought on impulse. Why? Because so many things could go wrong. It is better to fight a good fight than live with regret. What are you trying to avoid? Are you rushing to buy just to feel relieved? Is that worth the rush? Well, I would definitely say no.


Now remember, most high-end furniture pieces, sofa, table, cabinets, beds, etc usually require more and some specific care than you would imagine. Can you take up that hurdle? Are you ready for this? Or are you the type that doesn’t really put much effort into maintaining spaces, are you unconcerned and disorganized? Perhaps you only need something with less maintenance features. Think about that.


Always take into consideration any preexisting colors and decors in the room before making the purchase. Is the color or fabric, if it is a sofa, something you want to build your room around? Remember the Rule of Thumb: start with the bigger pieces and then fill in the details. Focus on spending first on the bigger necessities, sofa, sectionals and cabinets which already have some stated colors, fabrics and textures that might end up ruining your room if not carefully thought through. Starting with those little accessories and later building your design around it could be a recipe for disaster. It is an avoidable mistake but of course people still fall victim to this more often, don’t be another one of them.


Aim for the highest quality piece no matter what. After all quality doesn’t always mean new and used doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. Don’t forget to give it a test though. Look for something with good solid wood frame. As the name suggests, solid wood is 100% good quality and best for sofa, wardrobes, tables, cabinets and so on. Take time and look for a couple of pieces and compare the costs and make, you’re likely going to find something thats of good quality.


Yes, it always sounds easy. Lots of people usually complain of being lured into purchasing furniture they never budgeted for, thats a good reason why you need to have a range and insist on staying within that, except in extreme cases where you really feel the need to compromise on your budget. Also remember there sure might be extra expenses coming, like delivery and installation because finding out at a latter time that you spent far more than your budget, can make your head hurt.