New Year Interior Design Goals: Five Creative Things To Try In 2019


New year is always a time to reflect, repurpose and of course redesign. This is the perfect time to take a look around and make some New Years Resolutions for your Home.

Here are a few Interior Design Resolutions to help get you started.

Know Your Design Style:

In 2019, make it a priority to get to know and understand your personal interior design style. Which style speaks your language, which style resonates with you. A great start for every decor project is to know and understand which interior design style works best for you… modern, industrial, traditional, contemporary, Scandinavian, the list goes on. When you have an idea of your preferred design style, you, together with your designer find it more easier to pull together a perfect scheme that represents you.

Go Organic, Try Sustainable Decor:

If you love the planet and decor as much as I do, this is for you. This could be your own way of contributing to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. One major item you can incorporate into your home could be plants, plants and lots of plants. Plants bring the outside into the home. They add some good amount of aesthetics to any space and a preferred amount could do the magic. You might also want to incorporate some jute, wooden floors are trending now, you can join the trend, try paper instead of plastic. Candles are also a great way to add light and fragrance to any space without leaving behind any waste.

Introduce “Re”:

Renovate, repaint, reorganize, repurpose or redecorate… ask yourself, how often do you think of redecorating, repainting or even reorganizing your home and office? These are obviously guaranteed measures to maintaining any space: frequent upgrades, repainting etc and there several ways to go about them without blowing your wallet. Perhaps you can start by asking yourself these few questions:

  • when was the last time I repainted or renovated?

  • What items would I need in order to renovate, redecorate or reorganize?

  • How much am I willing to spend on all these?

  • What would I want to change?

  • What is my goal and what would I want to achieve in the end?

In all these, don’t forget a well organized space is a true reflection of our personalities and preferences and if tackled with the right mindset and approach, you can do this without breaking the bank.

Take Some Color Risk; Add More Color:

Be a risk taker. Add some more color in the form of accessories and paint if you so wish. These are quick and easy ways to modernize any space. The grays, whites, browns and the other neutrals will remain the color trend for contemporary designs but feel free to also incorporate colors that make you happy and more color means also cheerfulness.

Contemporary Is The Design Style Of The Moment:

Contemporary interior design style is timeless! This style is calming and serene considering the wide application of neutral colors, clean lines, simple flooring and some infusion of minimalism. This style is widely recommended for minimalists seeking to declutter or perhaps if you so want to live in the moment. Again, once it is timeless, it will never go out of style and perhaps very easy to update. Try it and bless me later.

Try one, a few or all of these design resolutions at home or the office this year. Remember, a happy Home…happy You!


Selorm Dreamaker