Three Easy Steps To Styling Your Coffee Table For The Festive Season:

Styling your coffee table can set the vibe for your entire living room this holiday season. Get inspired by this easy DIY steps for setting up your coffee table.

Below are the items (accessories) needed:

These items should be of varying heights and shapes

Tray. Shape of the should be according to that of your coffee table. Use a rectangular tray if your table is rectangular.

Red flower vase(or any color of your choice).

A blue scented candle

Mason jar filled with red, blue and gold Christmas balls

One brown art piece (could be wooden)

Red and brown/gold cookies and chocolates

One blue wrapped box/parcel

Place your tray that is roughly one third of the length of your coffee table on one side of the table.

Add three of the items, preferably the flower vase, candle and the cookies to the tray. Remember to place smaller items in front of large ones and then display the cookies and chocolates on the tray to present them as a curated grouping. Feel free to take any of the cookies as and when you wish but remember to replace them.

Now place the rest of the items, jar, art piece and wrapped box, on the other side of the table. Be sure all items coordinate in color, style and theme.

NOTE: a coffee table should be functional as well as beautifully decorated Hence the addition of eatable items. However, also incorporate enough room for a drink, remote, book, etc whenever need be.

These simple steps should make styling your coffee less stressful.

Remember to stay in touch: let me know how you style yours.