Christmas without a tree

Its official now. Christmas is finally here. What have you been waiting for? Lets get every corner of your home and office into the mood with these awesome ideas. Oh, no Christmas tree? We got you, you don’t have to worry; with these minimal decor ideas you may have never thought of. So, get your groove on…

Ok so if in any case you’re fixated with the Christmas tree stuff, here’s another way: Create a baby Christmas tree. How do you do this? Try placing a couple of Christmas tree branches in one or two jars, add some color by spicing it up with ornaments, balls, ribbons and viola!! You have a miniature tree.

Or you can also create a fake Christmas tree with some well arranged light silhouettes on a wall or any flat surface

Christmas is one of a season to display all your favorite accessories. Put lots of ornaments, balls, ribbons, cookies, gift boxes on display. This could be your coffee table, dining table, console table or anywhere visible enough to drag attention.

Change your curtains!! Curtains can do lots of magic. I can predict you haven’t you haven’t changed them in a while. This is a perfect time to do so to refashion the room and set the tone for the festive season and new year. You only need to get enough colors to coordinate your favorite Christmas theme and scheme.

Redecorate! Redecorate! Redecorate! Cant find a way to add some spark to your space without having to blow your wallet? Accessorize. Thats all. Accessories always add the details to decor. Try getting some more colorful throw pillows and flower vases. I bet you didn’t know these pillows alone can go a long way. Think about replacing all the pillows accross your sofas with a more festive color combo. For instance, red and white, green and red, purple and silver, etc. You can refer to the earlier post on "Christmas Color Schemes” for some awesome Christmas color combos.