Striking!! Black Furnishing For Modern Interiors


I'm sure you might have noticed how black furnishing have become a common trend for contemporary design projects in the past few years which should be enough to convince you that indeed "black is the new ish". Black is the trend now.

Designers and Architects actually agree it is a daring and dramatic interior design position to take and it really pays off too.

It is often the norm that black is associated with a whole lot of negative things but that can't always be the case. Black has different significance in every field. For instance, you would agree with me that black leather typically looks luxurious and glamorous especially when paired with some gold accents. It also looks appealing and more formal with different shades of gray and even white. As a matter of fact, black can be paired with almost every color.

Similarly, it could be very instrumental in toning down brown elements such as rugs, colorful textiles, walls and accessories.


Now note that, when doing an extensive use of black, there must be a proportional dilution of light spots. This type of finishing, black to be precise, is better when installed in rooms that have much light and air since it has the tendency to make the room feel small and warm. This is where you need to consider very well, the purpose of the room and the overall goal you aim to achieve.


I am a huge fan of black and i wouldn't give up any opportunity to try it. Maybe we could do this together; let me hear your thoughts on this.