Decor Mistakes To Avoid At Home

Take a careful look at these decor mistakes and figure out which ones you might be guilty of. 

  1. Avoid grouping accessories in even numbers. Odd numbers are visually more appealing.


2. Don't hang artwork too far apart. Instead, they should be two to three inches apart.

3. Once again, don't hang artwork picture frames too far from furniture. Rather hang them a few inches above the sofa, eye level.

4. Skip rugs that are too small and fit only under the coffee table. Your feet should always rest on the rug when seated. Ensure that at least the front legs of all furniture are on the rug.

Stop pushing all furniture against walls. This is a very outmoded way of arranging furniture. This kind of style creates an overly, formal, awkward and empty space in the middle of the room. Try something new; Try creating an intimate cozy space in between by bringing them away from the walls.   

Always try as much as possible not to hang small pieces of art on large walls, it is just not right. If you have a small wall, then hang smaller pieces of art and vice versa. If you hang something small on a large wall, the bare space around the art will dwarf it. 

Finally take note: your ceiling doesn't always have to be white; sometimes you just have to throw the rules away. Try some cool dark colors, they're terrific. If you want your ceiling to look higher, paint it a dark color.


These tips are actually a lot more simple to try than you may think and will easily make your home more beautiful and contemporary.