Four Unique Christmas Color Schemes To Choose From

Isn't it time to break out from the regular red and green stuff simple, pretty and unique color schemes that look merry and ready to wow your guests? Let me take you through these simple but elegant color schemes for some easy to do christmas decor.

1. Green, blue and silver:


Try incorporating some green, bright blue and silver accessories to create a sophisticated christmas living room. How do you go about this? Hang some ribbons and christmas balls in any of the colors, trees and flowers in both green and red placed at vantage points to draw some attention and perhaps lots of wrapped packages on tables, could be the coffee or dinning table, and ornaments. This scheme is very light and airy.

2. White and brown:


Play up your living room with brown or gold and silver or white accents which will end up giving a frosted or snowy environment if you love snow. Here, you can pull up a frosted christmas tree with silver and gold ornaments and some brown and white wrapped packages spread around the living room, particularly the tables. Your coffee table table could also be decorated with jars full of cookies, candles, seashells, and several other ornaments. This look can be ideal for the minimalists.

3. Green, turquoise and orange:


This is a vibrant scheme for christmas that infuses bright, contrasting colors- turquoise and orange- a bold look which is kids friendly and ideal for cheerful environments. Get some wide orange ribbons, decorative plates and trays filled with unripped (green) oranges or apples a mixture of green, orange and turquoise pillows and even curtains that come in these colors will pull the scheme together.

4. Red, cream and white/Silver:

Black, white and red Christmas .jpg

This scheme looks perfect on a white background. Perhaps you've got white walls or white sofa, this will be an awesome mix for you. This replaces the traditional christmas colors, red and green with white and cream.

Think of some red and cream curtains, throw pillows, a red flower vase, wrapped cookies (red would be ideal), some red and white dinnerware for the dinning table (a perfect time to make use of that new set which has been sitting in the cabinet).