Five Tricks To Make Your Curtains Look Expensive And Contemporary

Decorating is expensive, it costs so much to design and create that high-end room and curtains play a very essential role in making up that dream. There's nothing like curtains that elevate your room perfectly and make it look bespoke and elegant.

However, the good news it, there are several tricks that could be employed easily to get that high-end look without having to blow your budget. You can make your curtain look luxurious; here are a few ideas and tricks:



Velvet has been the fabric of nobilty since ancient times because of its unusual softness and appearance as well as its high cost of production. As a result, velvet curtains add some really classic and soft feel in any home. The texture allows for the exquisite layered folds in the curtains whiles keeping your room warm. It is cozy.


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A curtain puddle refers to the amount of extra drappery that is spilled on the floor. You create a luxurious and sophisticated effect when you hang curtains extra long in such a way that the fabric puddles on the floor - as much as four to nine additional inches. It is said that puddling originated as a means for the rich to show off their wealth. In the days when fabrics were rare and expensive commodities, only the wealthy could afford them and only the wealthiest could extra material to just lay on the floor.



Layering curtains gives you the freedom and luxury to set the perfect mood in your room by closing one or both sets. Double curtain rods make the job easy and provide stylish results. it gives you two rods with a single bracket for hanging two sets of curtains. such curtains and draperies come out classy and polished. Layering multiple curtains is a decorative tactic that goes back for centuries. In European homes, the amount of fabric on your windows was and is a status symbol.



The grommet curtain header is a very popular and stylish choice for contemporary spaces. It is great for all fabric types. The grommets are sewn on the entire top of the heading so that the drapery pole can slide through easily. Hence, they are ideal for curtains that open and close frequently.

If your style is modern or trendy, this curtain header will complement your decor.



Whether you love tasseled tiebacks or crystal doorknobs, curtain holdbacks are the way to keep your curtains beautiful and open. these evolved as a way to keep your curtains clear of a bed, window or room division. Tiebacks are made of ropes, fabrics or other soft materials which loop around the curtain while holdbacks are mostly U-shaped metal or wood fixtures which you tuck the curtain into, creating a simple stylish look.